Do you have any strange writing habits (like shouting at the sky during a rainstorm)?

I do, actually! I like to write in the laundry room with the washing machine running. The noise helps drown out pesky thoughts since I have some difficulty focusing. When it's too loud to think, it's the perfect time to write.

What is your least favorite part about the writing process?

The writer's block! It can really hold me up sometimes, especially when I can't find the flow. My writing becomes choppy and it's really frustrating. Most of my friends and family know when I'm experiencing a bout of writer's block because my house tends to be spotless.

How do you overcome writer's block?

The only thing that has ever really worked for me is to write through it, which is easier said than done. Writing becomes tedious at this point and I become easily distracted, which is when I send myself to the laundry room...

Is GOLDEN your first book? How many books have you written prior?

First book? No. First novel? No. The first book I ever wrote, which holds a special place in my heart was 'The Bizarre Beginnings of Octavia the Odd'. I self published it when I was young, and quickly removed all traces of it from the internet. Then I wrote a novel for my niece and about twenty children's books that have been on a constant rotation on my work wheel. GOLDEN  has broken free of this vexing writing method, as has the sequel, ROSES.

Do you write anything other than young adult?

Children's books, though I only have one currently available. THE MYSTERY OF PUPPY PIE is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle. Click Here.

What are you working on now?

I'm currently working on the third book in the GOLDEN series, GLASS. It's coming along nicely and I can't wait to share it!